Z.nu is for sale! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a premium one-letter .nu domain name. This wonderful domain can be acquired for the first time since its registration many years ago. Will you become the new owner?

Benefits of owning Z.NU

Thanks to the super short length of only one character, z.nu is an excellent domain for your next (digital) business!


Ultra Rare!!

There are only 26 one-letter .nu domain names. All of them taken for many years. This makes z.nu ultra rare.


Super Brandable

Z.nu can be put to use for many projects. Z Online, Z Marketing, Digital Z, etc. etc. Mix and match!


Very Short & Memorable

With only 1 letter, Z.nu is super short. No one will forget this domain name – it creates top-of-mind awareness.


One-Time Investment

Purchasing Z.nu can be seen as a one-time investment in a strategic asset that gains more value over time.



Thanks to its rarity, Z.nu will create a ‘WOW-effect’ with (potential) customers. Z.nu truly is a conversation starter.


Can Be Used Offline Too

You can place Z.nu on business cards, on writing paper, on company cars, etc. Z.nu boosts your offline visibility as well.

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